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About Me

Lori Raymond

Personal Trainer Certification - National College Sports Medicine '21

Doctorate (Naturopathic Medicine) - University of Bridgeport '15

B.S. (General Studies) - Eastern Connecticut State University '11
Massage Therapy Training - Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy '06


Dr. Lori Raymond is a Naturopathic Physician with a general family practice in Norwich, Connecticut.  Her goals are to work with her patients to optimize their health and improve their quality of life.  Dr. Lori has over ten years of experience as a Licensed Massage Therapist, providing massage for relaxation and stress management as well as rehabilitation and injury prevention for athletes or people who have suffered an injury.  Dr. Lori works with her patients to achieve success in their health goals by working with them through lifestyle modifications, nutrition, botanical medicine, homeopathy, and/or physical medicine. 


Dr. Lori holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Eastern Connecticut State University and a Naturopathic Doctorate Degree from the University of Bridgeport. Dr. Lori also holds a certification from the New England School of Homeopathy, which she earned in 2015.  She is a  former faculty member of the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy and she is also a member of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians.

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