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Massage Therapy for special needs populations

 The benefits of massage therapy for these populations include improved sleep, decreased muscle tightness and pain, increased range of motion, headache reduction, and decreased stress, which often leads to improvements in mood and behavior.  I strive to be an integral member of the team of providers. I can customize massage to compliment occupational, physical, or behavioral therapies.  I tailor each massage session to specifically target tight muscles and areas where the body is mechanically compensating. I also focus on improving and maintaining clients’ posture, which can positively impact freedom of movement and physical independence. 

I am a licensed Massage Therapist with 14 years of experience working with special needs populations in the State of Connecticut.  Since relocating to the St. Petersburg area, I am establishing a mobile massage practice to deliver high-quality massage therapy in a professional residential setting.  I have an extensive medical background that allows me to understand the complexities of geriatric and special needs clients’ medical histories, develop and provide appropriately customized massage therapy, and do so in a manner that is safe and effective. 

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